Nice to meet you !

Welcome dear reader, you must be wondering who I am and what compels you to stay on this page any longer. I’ll tell you what, it’s me.

My name is Pierre-André but you can call me Pierre or P-A (and before you ask, yes I am French and bilingual), I’m 17 years old, currently in my last year of Sixth Form and I want to show how to go from thoughts to initiatives.

That’s right, it’s my service to you.

I intend on using my life, I spend my time, energy, money and plenty of other resources in order to achieve my personal goals that I will regularly share with you.

I am writing simply because I have a voice (and fingers too) and have the intention of exploiting it to share my knowledge, especially my discoveries and learning, because life is something that you have to learn and experience step by step. I’m pretty sure that at the moment I still have a lot to think, learn and live.




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